Orakei Korako is arguably the best thermal area left in New Zealand
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Orakei Korako - Geothermal Park & Cave

Welcome to Orakei Korako - The Hidden Valley!

Come and explore a world of gushing geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud pools and some of the largest and most amazing silica terraces in the world.

Wander through the Hidden Valley and visit the thermal Ruatapu Cave which extends more than 36m down to the 'Waiwhakaata' or 'Pool of Mirrors' hot pool at the bottom.

Orakei Korako boasts the most active geysers of any geothermal park in New Zealand.  Up to 23 active natural geysers play freely through the area, which is constantly changing. Marvel at the number of boiling hot springs and the vibrant colours all around you, or take a native bushwalk through this untouched geothermal paradise. The Lonely Planet Guide describes Orakei Korako as "...arguably the best thermal area left in New Zealand".

Somewhat 'off the beaten track', the Hidden Valley lies nestled between Taupo and Rotorua. Orakei Korako is a mere 25 minute drive from Taupo and 45 from Rotorua, and not far from State Highway 1 and State Highway 5. If you don't feel like driving, why not take a shuttle, float plane or helicopter instead?

This is a great activity for anyone staying in Taupo or Rotorua, whether you're a tourist, a local, or simply someone looking to enjoy a unique slice of New Zealand. And Orakei Korako offers a tourism experience without the thronging crowds.

Feel free to bring the whole family - even your dog!  Start your adventure with a piping hot latté from our MudCake Café - and finish with delicious fresh baking and a glass of wine.  Stay connected while you're here with free wi-fi at the Visitor Centre.

Admission prices include the ferry trip to and from the attraction, along with entrance to the valley and cave. The ferry runs on demand from 8am each morning, with the last trips leaving at 4pm over the winter months and 4.30pm during Daylight Saving.  Get your tickets today - we're looking forward to meeting you!